среда, августа 10, 2016

mini canvas :)

Hello friends!
Today I will show you my new mini canvas on a wonderful palette of the blog Lindy’s Stamp Gang AUGUST 2016 Color Challenge
Сегодня я с мини холстом, очень эффектным :)
сделала по заданию блога Lindy’s Stamp Gang AUGUST 2016 Color Challenge


At first I have covered the canvas with black soil, further a white craquelure. After drying I have a little added at the edges of black soil. Very effectively at the same time cracks look :) Separately on white paper I have added all these wonderful sprays and have put stamps. I cut out them and I have made composition :)

I used:

Drop Dead Gorgeous Green
Marigold Yellow Orange
Sweet Violet Purple Teal
Caribbean Blue
Neon Graffitti- FLAT SPRAY SET

Thank you for attention!
Have a nice day!
До скорого! :)


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