четверг, июня 16, 2016

The 2nd round 2016-2017 BoBunny Design Team

Hello friends!
Here also there has come the concerning day for me and I am ready to show the projects for The 2nd round 2016-2017 BoBunny Design Team
I have made mini album "Happy birthday!" in the American style  from a collection "Firecracker" .  Size 20*20, 5 of turns. In a soft linen cover :)

The album is closed on wonderful blue tapes

On an album cover I used paper, a chipboard and brads

First turn

as a substrate I used paper
on each turn I used a chipboard, brads, stickers
it has very much decorated my album!
on a substrate for a photo I have decorated gold rubons  
 Somewhere there are even places for several photos.

Second turn
All turns almost identical, but with a set of wonderful jewelry! So brightly and festively the album looks! Rather cheerful!


  Third turn
here it is possible to insert 6 festive photos

  Fourth turn

The album is absolutely universal. Can approach Birthday of the girl or boy!

 Fifth turn

We will consider closer

Such beautiful album has turned out thanking
I hope to you it will be pleasant!
Thanks for attention! Good luck all!
Have a nice day!

12 комментариев:

  1. Леночка, альбом чудесный!!! Такой яркий и позитивный! Удачи!!!

  2. Альбом замечательный! Успеха в туре!

  3. Очень по-американски:-)Ярко! Без привычных "ми-ми" розочек для мам, это точно для ребенка и про ребенка:-)

    1. Олечка, спасибо! Какие теплые комментарии от одних Олечек! :)

  4. So gorgeous your álbum !!! Those papers are very beautiful, lovely project !! Big hugs. CAty.

  5. Леночка, альбом очень крутой! Удачи и болею за тебя!