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Hello there!
I want to show you the project which I created for Lindy's Stamp Gang.
I like to do splashes on my canvases of dark spray to add more dimension. It is possible to sprinkle a little, and get any detail in the piece to be accented with a tremendous deep shade. And the fun part is, when they dry, you get such beautiful effect from the shimmer! I used the October Limited Edition Edition Set on this canvas. I hope you enjoy it. Here are some closeups for you:

Покажу вам сегодня очередной холст, который сделала для Lindy's Stamp Gang.
в блоге есть видео к этой работе.
Только недавно начала осваивать редактирование видео, конечно интересно, но очень много времени на это тратится.
Elena smok oct 3
Hope you enjoy!

Скоро покажу большой детский альбомчик, вы в этой работе меня совсем не узнаете, совершенно другой стиль, другой формат, ни одного штампа и ни одной капельки краски),но получилось красиво и мило)
До скорого!)

понедельник, октября 27, 2014

Анонс Мастер-класса по минику

Девочки, привет!
Кто хотел, спрашивал и все желающие, приглашаю Вас 8 ноября/суббота/ 11.00 - 17.00  на МК "Мини альбом в стиле микс-медиа", (формат 15х20 см): будем создавать миксмедийные странички и оформлять обложку.
Мастер класс пройдет в прекрасной студии "Фабрика Декора" по адресу: г.Мытищи, ул.Воровского, д.5
На занятие принести с собой ч/б фотографии размером 8*6 или фотографии крупным планом,которые можно потом обрезать.
Продолжительность занятия 6 часов! Во время занятия будет 2 кофе-паузы по 5-10 минут. 
Будем очень плотно и интересно работать.
Занятие рассчитано на взрослых и детей с 12 лет.
Стоимость занятия: 3 000   

Проезд:  от м. «Медведково» авт. № 177, № 169,
                от м. «ВДНХ» авт. № 578
                от м. «Комсомольская» 18-20 мин. любой электричкой Ярославского направления до станции Мытищи
                (в шаговой доступности от станции, справа от т/ц «Красный кит» )
Мы работаем: ежедневно с 10:00 до 20:00.
Телефоны: 8 (495) 504-32-10, 8 (925) 382-19-51
или пишите мне на почту lotoskasturi@rambler.ru
Очень приятно будет познакомиться! Всех жду!)

many works

Today I will show you many works.
The first for the blog OUAS
Привет девочки!
Покажу много работ и много фото)
Первая страничка для OUAS

суббота, октября 25, 2014

Cosy challenge and Finnabair Team blog hop!

фотография Eliza Trojanowska.фотография Eliza Trojanowska.

We don't know about your corner of the world but in Europe, dreary November weather is just around the corner...
That's why, Finnabair Creative Team came up with a special challenge to warm you up and possibly inspire to create some fantastic art. Feel most welcome to join in!
Here's how our Cosy Challenge works:
First of all, make sure you blog hop with our Creative Team. Below you can see the list of all the blogs where you can find lots of warm and fuzzy inspirations. Make yourself a huge cup of hot tea and visit each of the Ladies to see their Cosy interpretations of the challenge. Don't forget to leave a warm comment! :)

Elena Smoktunova (are you here)

We hope you feel warmed and inspired! :)
If you do, we have a fun challenge for you and a great prize to win!
Here's what you can do:

1) Find a photo that will serve as a Cosy inspirational jumping point for you. It can be any image from the internet or a photo you take yourself;
2) Create a work (layout, collage, canvas, cards - anything goes) that represents the concept of coziness;
3) Go to Finnabair's blog and leave a link to your work. You have two weeks to send in the submissions - 'till November 8th. Then, our Team will choose a winner.
We can't wait to see your cosy creations!

I decorated an old notebook. The cover of cold shades symbolizes cold weather, and inside turns of pleasant warm shades, a cup of hot tea, gentle warm words... symbolizes a cosiness, love close and native, expensive house...


and this remarkable cozy warm photo inspired me on creation of this work)
Зимнее чаепитие


Very much I helped me with work Prima - Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - Clear,
I achieved wonderful effect with the help Prima - Vintage Vanity - 3x4'' Clear Stamp - Book
I pasted all the jewelry on Prima - Art Basics - Soft Matte Gel
And inside I added Prima - Elementals - 12x12 Black Resist Canvas "Ads" for warmth and a cosiness
and I very much love splashes, and with it to me helped Prima - Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - Black
And I won't be tired to repeat that it is the best and qualitative materials which I ever used in the works! This true pleasure, is big flight for the imagination! And works of my dear talented friends from our team inspire me every day! I am happy to be part it!
To new meetings friends!

Девочки, вы можете выиграть потрясающий приз! Для этого вам нужно найти вдохновляющую фотографию или картинку, уютную и теплую)
Создать  работу (макет, коллаж, холст, карты - все идет), представляющую собой уют;
перейдите к Finnabair в блог и оставьте ссылку на вашу работу. У вас есть две недели - до 8 ноября. Затем наша команда будет выбирать победителя!

пятница, октября 24, 2014

Cards for Imaginarium Designs

Hello friends!
I made four gentle cards.
The first romantic, even it is similar to the wedding.
Спасибо за огромное количество просмотров моих предыдущих постов!...)
Не могу не показать, ну так положено, открытки, которые я делала для Imaginarium Designs

 Chipbord coated, in some places I put a stamp and I put nacreous microbeads

 The second turned out more art, with charm I would tell
 Also on Chipbord applied paint, a stamp, microbeads and I covered with spangles for effect

This card in blue gentle tones. It is a lot of beads and the beautiful butterflies covered with spangles and beads!

this card - shouting. Here are present bright dark tone.
 On Chipbord put an embossing

 I hope you enjoy!

четверг, октября 23, 2014

layout for Finnabair

Hello, Friends!
Today I want to show you a layout which I made with some really wonderful materials!
A job was got gold, I mean with gold shades! )

Страничка сделана из любимой продукции  Finnabair! Здесь вы сможете посмотреть видео к работе.

I love Vintage Vanity papers very much - they have such beautiful shades and tones. I especially like the paper that I used as my background. The pattern on it looks 3D and I decided to enhance this effect - how? You will be able to see in my video tutorial below. :)

I really like to work with white gesso, I love to use beads, but my true weakness are the stamps! I use them in each of my works! And here I had so much fun with the stamps from the same line as my papers - Vintage Vanity.
I decorated my composition of embellishments (paper flowers and metal elements) with soft gel mixed with glitter to add some volume and interesting textures.
I love the effect you can get mixing glass glitter and art beads with gel! And you can use it on any surface - chipboards, metal, paper or add some sparkling texture through a stencil - there are so many possibilities!

I hope you like my work. Being in this team is such a dream come true for me...
Oh, and if you were curious - the group in the photo are my grandfather, my brother, I and my aunt )

Materials used: