четверг, июня 19, 2014

Устала от гонки/Card and page

Hi everyone!
Today will show you a couple of works.
I left the blog Whiff of Joy , very grateful to them for everything, I just have no time at all.And I had noticed that it is hard to me to do a job to do, and not who you want. Not that the forces are not calculated, becoming a designer in many blogs (by the way, not a single work has not missed), just tired from the race. For what? Why? Lost the very warm feeling from the process, as was the work on the machine. Everything. I do not. From one blog is not released. Also wanted to leave. In general, to be honest, I wanted to stay in one and all. Oh, Woe from Wit. Three failures in a row is not good, made me think that I do and how I do it. And honestly, I is not happy.
Well, I rarely talks, but there should have been. I do not know, honestly, what the outcome of all) I just want to look at the work of my favorite masters, learn from them about this and enjoy the beauty of creation. Do not want to chase. But I'm stubborn, I will conquer new heights, but already in his mind, consciousness, not in public) I hope you understand what I mean)
Now show you the job
Всем привет!
Забыла вам показать, а если честно просто было лень писать пост, т.к. занялась проектами, которые давно задумала, для себя, а не для ДК)
Кстати, из одной ушла, из  Whiff of Joy , очень им благодарна за все, но времени совсем нет.
Теперь покажу вам работы
В блоге Scrapberry's Задание 19. Лето

 Бумага из коллекции "Французское путешествие", декоративная серая лента, цветы, гирлянда с жемчужинами-Scrapberry's

И в блоге OUAS June Challenge - Part 2


Journalling Theme: The following quote

" the best things in life aren't things" 

Завтра, наверное еще появлюсь, но не обещаю)