пятница, октября 24, 2014

Cards for Imaginarium Designs

Hello friends!
I made four gentle cards.
The first romantic, even it is similar to the wedding.
Спасибо за огромное количество просмотров моих предыдущих постов!...)
Не могу не показать, ну так положено, открытки, которые я делала для Imaginarium Designs

 Chipbord coated, in some places I put a stamp and I put nacreous microbeads

 The second turned out more art, with charm I would tell
 Also on Chipbord applied paint, a stamp, microbeads and I covered with spangles for effect

This card in blue gentle tones. It is a lot of beads and the beautiful butterflies covered with spangles and beads!

this card - shouting. Here are present bright dark tone.
 On Chipbord put an embossing

 I hope you enjoy!